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Together we can combat loneliness. 

Here at Wishing Hearts Charity, we are passionate about inclusivity. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2021, we’ve been driven by the goal to give elderly people a voice.

Our organisation was birthed from the pandemic, it has highlighted a need for local services targeted to the older community... so here we are!

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Connecting people through great experiences.

Our mission is to give older people a space in society. To empower and support them to form social networks, get back into the community whilst promoting independence and activeness. Our work is all about choices; giving older people a platform to enjoy and embrace their life. 

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Linda - Beneficiary 

"Wishing Hearts does so much for us. Coffee mornings and trips out with transport if we need it. Life would be so much lonelier if we didn't have your charitable help."

Dennis - Beneficiary

"Wishing Hearts is great. I always enjoy my coffee mornings with all of my new friends."

Tina - Beneficiary

"Thank you so much for everything you are doing for us. You truly are a diamond."
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