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Wishes For People Aged 65+

The core of the work we do at Wishing Hearts comes through our ‘Wishes’.


Wishes are community-based activities for older people. Our aim with wishes is to engage older people socially, boost their wellbeing and help them to get out of the house. Wishes usually meet the following requirements:


  • The activity chosen as part of the wish will help an older person to connect with others – i.e. a dinner dance outing.


  • The activity chosen is something the older person could not or would not be able to do as a part of their everyday activities – i.e. a trip to the zoo.


  • The activity chosen will boost the older person’s wellbeing and will improve their mental health – i.e. a series of social visits for people who are isolated.


Examples of other wishes we have granted include trips to the beach, outings to the cinema, taking an older person to have their ears pierced, giving someone on end-of-life care the opportunity to experience a bagpipe player, and allowing someone to get a tattoo for the first time.

Wishes are generally for people aged 65+, but we use discretion when other people may benefit from the services we provide. Where possible, Wishes are available free-of-charge, but this is dependent on the scale and complexity of a given wish.


Interested in finding out more? Complete the contact form found at the bottom of this page and let’s work together to grant a wish!


Sue (Companion)

"We went to the cinema for the first time in about 7 years. Wishing Hearts also organised a wonderful afternoon tea with Lockmeadow, Maidstone for us oldies - so much food and so much choice!"

Clare (Relative)

"Wishing Hearts has been such a support whilst I've been caring for my Mum. They are doing such important work that really helps local people."

Denise (Companion)

"I have been using my new Alcove tablet and I absolutely love it! I can video call my family so easily now."
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Grant A Wish

Wishing Hearts accept referrals from individuals who may benefit from our Wishes, alongside from family members, friends and professional organisations. Please use the form below to make a referral for a Wish. 

Select an option

Thank you for submitting your interest in one of our wishes. We will get in touch in due course to discuss whether we are able to facilitate your request.

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