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Maidstone Artists! We need you.

We've received funding from Maidstone Borough Council to host an Arts Exhibition in Maidstone in the Summer of  2024.

We're incredibly excited about this opportunity - but we need artists to get involved to make this happen. Read more details on what we're looking for below. 

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Our Exhibition is going to be themed around how people perceive older age, and how the experiences of older people are often wrongly perceived by our communities.


Our aim is to create a powerful, emotive exhibition which embraces all the the different side of older people – from their joy and laughter, to their sassiness and glamour. In short – we want to showcase cool artwork which highlights all the sides to older people.

We can't do this without our community. We know that different artists have different styles and different mediums which can portray this subject - and we want to create as diverse an exhibition as possible. If you live in Maidstone, enjoy creativity, and want to support our older communities then this is your opportunity to be involved in something special.

Not an artist but still want to get involved? Not a problem. We are going to need as many people as possible involved in this Exhibition to make it a success. That means people who can provide refreshments and support on our opening night, and people who can volunteer throughout it's duration.

However you can get involved, and whatever time you can spare, please help us to make a difference in the local area. Together we can make an Exhibition which Maidstone will remember! Complete the contact form below to get involved.

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Get Involved

Do you...

Thank you for submitting your interest in our Exhibition.

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