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Can you help to spread more joy?

We’re delighted to announce our new Crowdfunder Campaign – focussed on bringing joy to the lives of older people living in Maidstone and the surrounding areas.


This campaign is all about enabling Wishing Hearts to do more of the work we have done in the local community for the past three years. We’re focussed on scaling-up our work so that we can meet the needs of more members of our community.


We know that loneliness is very real. If you share our values and want to help us on our mission to build a society which is more inclusive for older people, then please get involved.

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Support Us As An Individual

As an individual you can make a ‘pledge’ on our Spacehive page – or you can share our fundraiser and help to raise awareness. We know money is tight for everyone currently, so your support in raising awareness and spreading the word about what Wishing Hearts do is an amazing contribution.

We’re also encouraging people who would like to fundraise for us during this period to fundraise and then donate the money they raise to our Crowdfunding campaign. You can find more details about how to do this in the ‘FAQs’ at the end of this webpage.

Get involved here:

Support Us As A Business


We would love businesses to ‘pledge’ to our Spacehive page. This is a community-lead project and as the pillars within our local community, your support can make a huge difference. We will endeavour to highlight all the businesses who support us during this campaign, and are keen to explore how we can collaborate to raise greater awareness.


Get involved here:

Support Us As A Carehome


Our lovely Abby has special plans to work with local care homes to raise funds and make a real difference during the course of this campaign. If you would like your care home to be involved, please e-mail


Support Us As A Charity


Local charities can help to raise awareness of this campaign by sharing the collateral we feature on Social Media throughout its duration. If you would like to explore other opportunities to partner up and be involved in this campaign, please e-mail

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We know that Crowdfunding is a new concept for many people, so we’ve put together a Q and A document which explains exactly how this works:

Click here to read our Q and As.

Thank you for your interest in supporting this campaign. The outpouring of support we have seen from our communities since the early days of our work in the pandemic has been incredible. We would not be here without you – and it’s your support which will enable us to reach even more people and provide stronger services in the future.


No matter how you get involved and how you choose to support our campaign, know that you are making a difference to the lives of local older people in Maidstone.

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